Kranti Metallurgy was specifically started for manufacturing of BRAZING ALLOYS AND BRAZING FLUX IN 1980. Over last 39 years, Our company is producing quality BRAZING ALLOYS AND BRAZING FLUXES which are supplied to various industries in India.

Kranti Metallurgy is producing quality Brazing Products which are used in manufacturing of Automobile, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Compressors, Cutting Tools & Mining Tools, Diamond Tools, Space Industries, Heat Exchangers etc We at "KRANTI" believe only in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with our expertise in manufacturing standard as well as special alloys. We at Kranti believe in INBUILT QUALITY and not in Quality by inspection.

Kranti Metallurgy Pvt. Ltd. is headed by qualified personnel and manpower which keep full faith in establishing quality and service. During last decade, Kranti Metallurgy has more concentrated in establishing "Preforms" for mass production industries.